The Intuit Dome event plaza mediates between the high-performance iconic design of the new basketball arena for the Los Angeles Clippers and the community of Inglewood. The  landscaped plaza, outdoor basketball courts, and outdoor community space is shaped by an articulated composition of three buildings, a bandshell for an outdoor screen, and sculpted entrance gateways. The design articulates extended canopies inspired by mid-century modernism and establishes a datum that provides a transition between the human scale and the monumental arena that is set back from Century Boulevard.

The elegant minimalism of the architecture defers to the spectacular geometry and envelope of the iconic arena. Fans arrive at the plaza either from the northern gateway, over the pedestrian bridge from an adjacent parking structure or from an eastern entrance along a sunken garden that brings light into the lower levels of the practice areas in the arena. Visitors can sit at the Clippers Steps at the west building while watching a game on the outdoor basketball court or a program on the 70-feet wide screen across the plaza. The plaza and buildings are painted with a sculptural play of light and shade that are created by a trellis that is carefully integrated with the architecture. Clippers Chairman Steve Ballmer seeks to provide “an unparalleled environment for players, for fans, for sponsors and for the community of Inglewood. Our goal is to build a facility that resets fans’ expectations while having a transformative impact on the city we will call home”. 


Urban Design, Cultural, Commercial


Inglewood, California






37,000 SF / 3 Acres


Los Angeles Clippers


AECOM, Anderson-Barker, Hood Design Studio

Design Team

Farooq Ameen, Pariya Mohammaditabar, Caglar Gokbulut, Noah Zaccaglini, Mehran Mashayekh, Marisa Lopez, Ovgu Nurozler, Jun Bae, Sameer Ameen, Ty Miller