Our principal Farooq Ameen was featured on the AIA Los Angeles website discussing what are the priorities to tackle in Los Angeles.

“The housing crisis in Los Angeles has reached alarming proportions, posing significant challenges to the well-being and stability of residents. Skyrocketing housing costs have created a scarcity of affordable housing at every scale. Thousands of lower-income families and individuals are pushed to the brink of homelessness, unable to afford even the most basic workforce housing. Without a doubt, the most visible and immediate consequence is the staggering number of individuals and families experiencing homelessness. They face immense physical and psychological hardships, making it difficult to escape the cycle of poverty and to find stable housing, resulting in chronic homelessness. The strain on public services and resources is substantial.

The cost of emergency services and temporary shelters outweighs the cost of investing in sustainable housing solutions that can provide long-term stability and support. At the same time, we have an untapped resource right in front of us. Commercial, retail, and formerly industrial spaces lie vacant, wasting away, while the crisis deepens. As architects, we possess the unique ability to creatively transform the built environment. We must step up and lead the charge, guiding public agencies and elected officials to consider a bold pathway that actively adapts these underutilized spaces into housing solutions. It’s not just about proposing zoning and code changes; it’s about showcasing the boundless potential of adaptive reuse in inspiring and transformative ways.”

You can check it on AIA Los Angeles Website.