Design Anthology: Book Review of deCoding Asian Urbanism

March 1, 2022

‘Over the next few decades, new urban development in Asia alone will likely exceed the last two hundred years of urban growth worldwide,’ avers architect and urban designer Farooq Ameen in his introductory text. This urbanization in the region and via Asian diasporas continue to draw global attention and, often, points the way forward for the world. deCoding Asian Urbanism, the culmination of a decade of international collaboration, was first an exhibition organized by the A+D Museum before being condensed into this eponymous book.

 Following introductory works by Ameen and others, the book is split into three sections: Decoding the City, Mediating the City and Transforming the City. Each features multiple essays, interviews and discussion transcripts involving sociologists, architects, historians, urban designers, and activists from across the globe. The treatment is thorough and detailed, including extensive illustration with project images, diagrams, maps, and photographs that altogether make for a valuable resource.

Excerpt from Book Review in the Dossier / Read section of Design Antho/ogy, Asia Edition  / Issue 32