The Sudstadt Library is strategically located in the heart of the community at the Weimar Neighborhood Center, in proximity to the residential area as well as the commercial center. The library has an elegant minimalist aesthetic and uses scale and materials to blend in with the existing fabric of the adjacent townhouses. 

The sloped roof maximizes the volume of the development. The interior of the library is fully expressive of this volume and uses both skylights and large windows to create a bright open space that visually extends the experience of the library by embracing the outdoors. The program recognizes that the library is often a multi-use meeting place and that new media libraries are always granted a prominent social function. 

The library modulates the scale of the interior spaces by setting a mezzanine to the rear and provides a variety of spaces to read, meet, or contemplate. Embedded as an integral component of the composition is a dual purpose stair that also serves as a place to sit and contemplate. Needs and constraints tied to the activities of the media library and to the ever-changing modes of delivery have been assessed carefully, which lead to a clear and functional organization of the inventory and by extension to the way the program is organized.


Urban Design, Commercial


Weimar, Thuringia, Germany


1993, 2020




1,200 m2 / 12,500 SF


Gemeinnützige Aktiengesellschaft für Angestellten-Heimstätten


Feddersen von Herder Architekten

Design Team

Farooq Ameen, Caglar Gokbulut, Pariya Mohammaditabar