Frank Wolden’s creative view of the city has led to his reputation as an artist and an urban philosopher. Frank shares a special creative relationship with City Design Studio where he is often asked to develop and illustrate visionary concepts that guide the application of planning and urban design principles to new projects.

Over the past 20 years, Mr. Wolden has led the design of the major urban projects in the US and abroad. The uniqueness of his approach comes in providing a conceptual foundation and design process for projects that creatively engage architecture in the making of new urban spaces. Frank was the founding principal of City Design at San Diego and founding Principal of Skyport Studio. He is also an adjunct professor at the New School of Architecture and Design bringing an academic perspective to the design and planning of new urban environments.

Mr. Wolden received his Master of Fine Arts degree and Bachelor of Arts degree from San Diego State University. He has served as a guest lecture and design instructor at San Diego State University and the New School of Architecture and Design. Currently, Mr. Wolden is a Fellow at the Institute for Urban Design, a member of the national GSA Design Excellence Peer program and serves on the Urban Land Institute Executive Advisory Committee. He has also served on the National Committee for urban design and regional planning. Mr. Wolden has an extensive history of involvement in local AIA, where he received the prestigious John Nolan Award for Planning Urban Design.